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My yogic birth and the benefits of yoga to everyone

I’ve spoken before about having been born in the basement of a yoga school.

Yes my friends, this is not a joke. I was literally born in the basement of a yoga school.

Way before I had any (conscious) interest in yoga or anything to do with it, I was surrounded by it. I even had a Sanskrit name by the time I was 6 months old, given to me by a real life guru from India. Beat that Western yogi influencers of today! (Juuuuuuuuust kidding. Sort of.)

My mum was one of the founders of the first yoga kindergarten in Iceland back in the seventies. There was a flat in the basement where she lived while pregnant with me and, being the spiritually awakened hippie that she was, she wanted a home birth - something that was not the done thing in Iceland back then.

So on a summer’s morning in late June 1977, yours truly came into this world, in that very yoga school basement.

My brother, the genius, at only twenty months old, said the following words upon viewing me for the first time: “She doesn’t have a penis”.

Yoga cross legged forward bend
Yoga has many benefits, both to the body, mind and spirit.

So begins my story. Both in life and in yoga. Intertwined and blurred lines between. One and the same perhaps?

From an early age I was exposed to yoga, meditation, mindful living and healthy eating.

However, as I grew up, and especially during my teenage years, I was of course NEVER going to go down that road myself. God forbid I’d turn into a ‘weirdo yogi’.

Then at around 20 years old, something shifted, and I took a genuine interest in the whole lifestyle - much to the dismay of my teenage self -, became vegetarian (and subsequently vegan), and started practicing and learning yoga and its philosophy.

Who said we didn’t turn into our parents with time?

I’ve been a qualified yoga instructor since 2003, and have added more qualifications since then, including kids’ yoga teaching, Yin yoga, restorative yoga, and Vinyasa yoga.

I absolutely love teaching yoga, and have especially enjoyed teaching it to my clients on a 1:1 basis in the last couple of years. It is so very rewarding to have a good overview of their individual progress, what to work on and which steps to take to move forward.

There are many benefits to yoga, both to the mind, body and spirit. These include:

  • improved flexibility and balance

  • increased physical strength

  • increased mental strength

  • improved sleep