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health and wellness with Birta

Birta Bjargardottir is a

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach


I'm Birta Bjargardottir (yes, you get a prize if you can spell that backwards!), otherwise known as Bee.

I'm the founder of ubebu and work as a holistic health and wellness coach helping my clients find better balance.

I develop personalised plans that emphasise plant-based eating, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, so you’ll feel energised and live wholeheartedly.


Here’s my story.

Birta Bjargardottir

I was born in a yoga school co-founded by my mother to two bohemian parents. They made sure I had a Sanskrit name and my own guru by the time I was a few months old. So you can see, I was destined to take a mindful approach to living. I survived cancer as a child which made me even more conscious and informed. In 1997, I went plant-based and my health improved dramatically.

health and wellness

Fast forward to my coaching practice today where my education supplements my experiences, so I can provide the most effective guidance. I have a Diploma in Vegan Nutrition and I’m a Certified Vegan Whole Foods Chef. I’m also a Certified Life Coach. I received an M.Sc. in Science Communication from the University of Bath in 2005 and I’ve been a yoga instructor since 2003. I’ve taught Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga, completed a children‘s yoga instructor course and have taken yoga therapy classes. My yoga practice uses power, flow and stillness for a rejuvenating experience that informs how I work as a wellness coach.

health and wellness Birta Bjargardottir

I also have a degree in Documentary Filmmaking where my final project was about the psychology of dreams and a B.Sc. in Zoology. All of my education has allowed me to better understand and appreciate the world around me.

I’ve worked for many organisations, so I have a wide range of experiences and perspectives. Places I’ve been part of include: environmental organisations, film companies, schools and start-ups. I’ve worked as a project manager managing people, operations and, most fulfilling-ly, lifting morale. I’ve done social media management, website development, marketing, writing and editing. If there’s a task to be done or a problem to be solved, I’ll find a way.

I’ve worked successfully with children, teens, politicians, heads of state, Hollywood actors and wild animals. I love meeting and working with new people from all over the world and all walks of life.


Born in Iceland and raised there and in Scotland, I’ve also lived elsewhere in the UK, Costa Rica, Cuba and Argentina. I speak several languages and love island life. I currently divide my time between beautiful Bali, Iceland and the UK.


I love to travel. Among my many adventures, I learned to tango in Argentina, went scuba diving in the Caribbean and surfed in Portugal. I’m crazy about animals and was lucky enough to volunteer at a sanctuary in Costa Rica for sloths and monkeys, and I never miss an opportunity to pet a dog. I’m an advocate for the future of our great planet and live accordingly. Most of all, I’m a lover of life and people and I don’t take myself too seriously. My name means “radiance“ in Icelandic. Let’s fill life with light and laughter.

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