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I have knocked on Bee's door on a number of different occasions - and for completely different needs - and never been disappointed. Her empathy, availability and keen listening (also to what is going on 'in between the lines') helped no end with resolving my issues and helping me on my journey. 


I turned to Bee when I needed to figure out a knotty problem in one of my relationships, which had been making me very anxious and sleepless. Her calm, supportive hand-holding meant that I was able to work my way through the myriad aspects of the problem and come out of it with a clear and open-hearted way forward. Her incisive questions - never overly probing or uncomfortable - helped me find my own way through the emotional morass and emerge with a much greater understanding of myself. I am so grateful to Bee for her support as otherwise I imagine I'd still be hacking my way through the messy undergrowth of the issue, none the wiser.


On a more prosaic note, Bee has been of immense support on my plant-based eating journey, helping me figure out how to 'make the shift' while still attending to my individual tastes and health needs. She also had loads of practical advice regarding how to encourage the shift in my immediate family (by cooking fabulous plant-based meals and chocolate banana cake of course) and how to make that easy for myself.


The thing with Bee is that her dedication to supporting and empowering others comes across in every little detail of our interaction. She wants to be there for you, and can't wait to help out, and will make time and energetic space for your problem or request immediately. And she wants you to know how fabulous you really are, no exceptions. I can't recommend Bee enough, both as a coach and cheerleader for all of your life and heart issues, and as a staunch ally on your road towards mind, body and planetary health.

Emma, CEO, Oxford

I whole-heartedly relished Bee's inspiring and effective life transformation coaching. I started working with her mainly to focus on my diet and to incorporate more whole foods into it.


I’ve had a relatively healthy omnivorous diet for the longest time, but often fell short on eating the recommended minimum of half a kilo of veggies a day.


With Bee’s guidance this changed, and now I’m effortlessly basing all my meals on a greater variety and more creative use of vegetables, fruits and berries than I was aware of before. With Bee’s recommendations of specific products to try, I’ve all but replaced my daily milk and cheese habits with equally satisfying and healthier alternatives.


Bee’s radiantly healthy presence in itself is motivating, but she is also so very encouraging and empathetic, that no issue is too big or small to bring up. During every session we also took care of life aspects beyond diet. She has a thorough approach to coaching and facilitates long-lasting positive changes in anything one wants to tackle.


A healthy plant-based diet happens to provide the best energy for everything else. With all the current research and news on optimal nutrition, animal husbandry, and climate change, a plant-based diet has proven to be the most cognizant action we can take to improve our health and the environment.


Bee’s life transformation coaching is one of the most timely and proactive things anyone can do not only for themselves but the whole planet, and actually have fun while doing so!

Marianna, biologist, Helsinki

Having studied life coaching myself, I can truly say that Bee‘s coaching is top-notch. She is quick to identify blocks, as well as honing in on the client‘s core values.


Bee has an upbeat manner and a refreshing outlook on life. She always thinks outside the box, while still being an extremely organized thinker. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus further on the areas that I wanted to improve - my diet, daily routine and sleep.


The sessions were a pleasurable experience, while still being challenging enough to encourage change. Bee provided lots of positive reinforcement and an easy-to-use framework to help me identify and implement the changes I wanted to make. 


Bee doesn‘t fall into the all too common life coaching pitfall, i.e. to subtly start steering the client towards their own preferences or onto a certain path. I say this because she‘s entirely plant-based whereas I eat everything pretty much guilt-free, but for health reasons was looking into adding more plant-based products to my diet.


Bee happily provided a realistic plan, recipes and all, to meet my wishes. Even though Bee‘s specialty is diet and health, I would truly recommend her for any other type of coaching.

Johanna, entrepreneur, Reykjavik


I was privileged to have Bee mentor me through several weeks of lifestyle changes. As a relatively new plant-based eater, I was still navigating some of the challenges of creating plant-based meals. Bee offered plenty of advice and recipes to inspire my cooking, and kept me accountable with her weekly check-ins. Bee is holistic in her approach, and was very thorough in getting to understand me as a person and what I needed out of the time I spent with her. I am thankful for the support Bee gave me through the various transitions I made, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Yumiko, doctor, Sydney

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