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holistic health coaching

Immerse & Elevate - VIP Experience

6-month program

Gain and sustain a healthy, happy, balanced life.

Make it stick

This VIP Immersion Program includes everything the 90-Transformation Coaching has to offer, but focuses on working even further on sustaining taking steps towards transforming your life and sustaining the changes made, with regular accountability sessions for a period of 6 months. Get ready for a Whole New You in 6 months!

Are you ready to embark on a journey to a healthier, happier, and more balanced you? Our transformative 6-month program is designed to empower you towards a clearer vision and steps to take in your life.


Here's what you'll gain: 

  1. Personalised Support: We start with a comprehensive goal assessment and work on adjustments to nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle needs, while instilling better habits and practices for lasting change.

  2. Clear Vision: Together, we'll unearth your primary goals and create a vision for a healthier life that's uniquely tailored to your needs and desires.

  3. Tailored Wellness: Building on your initial progress, we'll craft weekly or monthly plans to delve deeper into your health and wellness requirements, focusing on specific challenges you may face.

  4. Whole Foods Lifestyle: Embrace the benefits of a plant-based whole foods lifestyle with custom meal plans and creative meal ideas that fit your preferences.

  5. Mindful Living: Learn to listen to your body and mind daily, cultivating self-awareness and enhancing your wellbeing.

  6. Self-Discovery: Our collaboration will boost your self-awareness and self-worth, providing clarity on your needs and making self-care a daily priority.

  7. Empowerment: Walk away from the program with a profound sense of empowerment, inspiration, and enthusiasm to take the transformative steps you’ve set your mind to.

  8. Independence: You'll be well-equipped to take charge of your newfound vision and plan of action, with the confidence and resources to continue your journey independently.

  9. Radiant Wellbeing: Experience a lighter, brighter body and mind, with a newfound sense of purpose and enhanced self-confidence​.

This is not just a program; it's your roadmap to a life that's brimming with purpose, self-worth, and transformative power. Your journey to becoming the best version of yourself begins here.

What's included

Have a clear plan of action and know which steps to take going forward

Feel confident in yourself and your choices

Elevate your sense of self-worth and quieten the negative self-talk holding you back

Improve your quality of daily life and awaken each day with more energy, and a healthier state of mind and body

Have the tools and knowledge to make transformative life decisions, big and small, in a sustainable way

Included in the program:

1 x 90-minute initial coaching call (via Zoom)

12 x 60-minute coaching calls (bi-weekly, via Zoom)

Unlimited email/voice recording access to me for support and guidance between sessions

Post coaching work to help create the actions for momentum

As-needed check-ins or quick coaching before important milestones


Freebies, including a gratitude journal, meal plans, wellness charts and a sleep diary

The Immerse & Elevate Program is by application only.

You can book a free 20-minute call to discuss further about this program and how I can help you find and sustain a happier you.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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