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Working out doesn't have to be work

I was lucky enough to be invited to hold a workshop on plant-based eating and health at a hoop and wellness retreat on the Spanish island of Ibiza earlier this year.

I'm not a hooper myself (yet!) but I knew that the retreat attendees would be busy and active people, who could benefit from getting some ideas on healthy, simple and easy to make vegan snacks.

The retreat was fantastic, and I was happy to be able to inspire some hoopers with simple and yummy recipes during my workshop, just as they inspired me to try some hooping (I can now master the 'waterfall').

I made some snacks for the attendees to try, both sweet and savoury, and all containing only a handful of ingredients ranging from chickpeas to cacao powder. You can get a free PDF with these recipes when you sign up to my mailing list here.

This whole experience once again reminded me just how important it is to find something FUN to do that just so happens to be exercise as well. Our definition of fun comes in many shapes and sizes, so we have to find out what works - or doesn't work - for us. For some, fun can mean hula hooping and falling on your ass while roller skating at the same time. For others, fun can mean getting up at 5am every morning to train for a marathon or going to a salsa night three times a week or strolling through your favourite park every afternoon after work. See if you can find your idea of fun today!

Below are some photos from the Ibiza retreat. And FYI, another Hoop and Wellness retreat is in the works for 2020, so watch this space!

All photos by the super talented Giada Aline (@giadaaline).


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