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Ready, Set, Go!

3-month Signature Program

Start Living the Life You Want with a Healthier You, Today.

Do you want to start feeling more energised, get better sleep, have a better relationship with your body and mind, and do this with a healthy plant-based diet?


It’s time to take responsibility for your own life and your own wellbeing and start feeling better in your own skin!

Too busy to find balance?

You might be finding it hard to balance all the aspects of your life at the moment, being this super woman or superman, going to work, building a career, maintaining relationships and even raising a family, and getting distracted by the modern world.


You’re trying to eat well and maintain a healthy balance with a busy life, and I know it isn’t easy when your life may be triggered by stress or anxiety.

You might be finding it hard to balance all the aspects of your life at the moment, being this super woman or superman, going to work, building a career, maintaining relationships and even raising a family, and getting distracted by the modern world.

The thing you wish for? You want to boost your energy, sleep better, and be in charge of your health!

And I know that you are leading a busy life.


But I also know that there are simple ways to help transform your health and wellness with only a handful of hours each week, to be the best, most balanced you.


And that the result will leave you feeling good in your body, so that you can be your best in the world.


You can have the energy and the physical strength, mental capacity and clear vision to actually go out there and live your life - whatever this happy, amazing life is for you.

I was privileged to have Bee mentor me through several weeks of lifestyle changes. As a relatively new plant-based eater, I was still navigating some of the challenges of creating plant-based meals. Bee offered plenty of advice and recipes to inspire my cooking, and kept me accountable with her weekly check-ins. Bee is holistic in her approach, and was very thorough in getting to understand me as a person and what I needed out of the time I spent with her. I am thankful for the support Bee gave me through the various transitions I made, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Yumiko, teacher, Sydney

Hi, I’m Birta, otherwise known as Bee.

I'm the founder of ubebu and I started my own wellness journey at a very young age, after surviving childhood cancer and subsequently switching entirely to a plant-based diet over 20 years ago.


Building upon my own work, studies and experiences, I now work intimately with people desiring to have a sustainable and healthy lifestyle change.


I don’t focus on a quick trick or fads to fit into that bikini or Speedo next summer. It’s about a long lasting and permanent lifestyle change, where I arm you with a new mindset and tools to live a healthier, happy, and balanced life.  


We work towards your more specific goals and develop a personalised plan of action together. Although an entirely bespoke plan, there's an emphasis on yoga, plant-based eating, meditation and mindfulness, helping you to feel more energised and to live a wholehearted life.


I am very passionate about my clients reaching their goals and being successful. With my Diploma in Vegan Nutrition and being a Certified Vegan Whole Foods Chef, I leverage my zone of genius to combine delicious and nutritious meal plans with a 360 degree focus on wellbeing practices.


I’m also a Certified Life Coach and have a master's degree in Science Communication. What does this mean for you? I’m able to understand what you need personally for your goals, and I’m able to discern any confusing health jargon to ensure you are CLEAR on what your body needs. This results in a very holistic and personal plan made just for YOU.


All this education and experience combined helps to provide the most effective guidance to my clients. I believe in quality over quantity and therefore only work with a few clients each week, thus being able to provide a lot of attention and time to each client.

A healthier, happier, more balanced you

In my 3-month Ready, Set, Go! Signature Program, ​we work together to find your main goals and vision for a healthier, happier, more balanced you, diving deep into a sustainable healthy life that suits your needs and wants.


Here’s what to expect:

  1. We start with an assessment of your goals, work on adjustments to nutrition and lifestyle needs, as well as working on gaining better habits and practices, and setting up the stage for change.

  2. Building upon what you've learned from the first month, I’ll tailor weekly or monthly plans to dive deeper into your health and wellness requirement, with a bigger focus on more specific problems.

  3. You will learn more about a plant-based whole foods lifestyle and get tailor-made meal plans and ideas.

  4. You will also learn how to be more mindful about what your body and mind are telling you every day.

  5. The work we do together will help to increase your self-awareness and self worth. You will have a clearer understanding about what you need and the ability to prioritise self-care as not an afterthought, but a daily commitment to your health.

  6. You will leave with a feeling of empowerment and be inspired and enthusiastic to sustain a healthier lifestyle. You will be more able to take responsibility with your new health and meal plan going forward and you will have the tools and resources to do it on your own.


You will be well on your way to being more mindful and feeling lighter and brighter, in your body and in your mind. And leave with a greater sense of direction and improved confidence.

"Having studied life coaching myself, I can truly say that Bee‘s coaching is top-notch. She is quick to identify blocks, as well as honing in on the client‘s core values.


Bee has an upbeat manner and a refreshing outlook on life. She always thinks outside the box, while still being an extremely organized thinker. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus further on the areas that I wanted to improve - my diet, daily routine and sleep.


The sessions were a pleasurable experience, while still being challenging enough to encourage change. Bee provided lots of positive reinforcement and an easy-to-use framework to help me identify and implement the changes I wanted to make. 


Bee doesn‘t fall into the all too common life coaching pitfall, i.e. to subtly start steering the client towards their own preferences or onto a certain path. I say this because she‘s entirely plant-based whereas I eat everything pretty much guilt-free, but for health reasons was looking into adding more plant-based products to my diet.


Bee happily provided a realistic plan, recipes and all, to meet my wishes. Even though Bee‘s specialty is diet and health, I would truly recommend her for any other type of coaching.

Johanna, entrepreneur, Reykjavik

What's included

Know how to put together a simple and delicious plant-based meal

Plan meals and put together a weekly meal plan that suits your lifestyle

Improve your feeling of self worth and lessen your negative self-talk

Improve your sleep quality, feel more energised, feel healthier both in mind and body, and have a better balanced life

Stop yo-yo dieting and get on the road of long lasting change

Included in the program:

1 x 90-minute initial coaching call (via Zoom)

8 x 60-minute coaching calls (weekly for the first month, then bi-weekly for months 2 and 3, via Zoom)

Unlimited email/voice recording access to me for support and guidance between sessions

Post coaching work to help create the actions for momentum

As-needed check-ins or quick coaching before important milestones


Freebies, including meal plans, wellness charts and a sleep diary

Book a free 20-minute introductory call to learn how I can help you achieve a long-lasting plan for a healthier you!

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