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Bee's Tuesday Tip #1

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I have just started sharing tips with my readers on Tuesdays - and here's my first one. So welcome to my Tuesday Tip, numero uno!

Are you constantly making a to-do list for the day? Do you have 30 items on there and feel like a total loser if you don't get through all of them? Do you maybe even say negative things to yourself when not getting through the list like "I'm such a loser", "I'm so lazy", "What a failure, yet again", "What's wrong with me, why can't I be like everybody else and just get things done"...

Enough with the negative self-talk my friend!

Here's a really simple - yet totally rewarding and empowering - way to turn things around:

Instead of making a to-do list, make a DONE list.

Swap your to-do list for a done list
Making my very own done list. The excitement is real.

So go through everything you've done that day (be it at the end of each day, or a few times throughout the day) and list everything you HAVE done, e.g. got up, had a shower, got dressed, wrote that email, made that phone call, paid that bill, took the dog out, finished a book, cooked lunch, hung out with a friend, finished that TV series, tried a new recipe etc. etc.

I also recommend that your done list is handwritten, rather than typed on a keyboard or by touching a screen, as the brain engages differently when we write something by hand.

Try this today and see how you like it. Maybe you'll swap out your do-list for a done list?

Let me know how you get on!

xo Bee

P.s. My Tuesday Tips will include tips on food, wellbeing, mindfulness, exercise, life coaching, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, recipes, how to chop an onion etc. Tuesdays are the new FriYAYS!

P.p.s. Have you already signed up for my free 7-day morning program, which includes breakfast recipes and simple activities for each day? If not, have a look here.


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