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Check out Dr. Yumiko Kadota's interview with me!

I had such a blast being interviewed by my awesome friend Dr. Yumiko Kadota for her blog, where I share a few tips on health and wellness.

I am sharing the interview contents below, but check out the original post on Yumiko's blog - as well as some of her other fantastic blog posts, including her posts about burnout.

Hello sunshine!
Hello sunshine! Yumiko and I together in Bali, Indonesia.

From Yumiko's blog:

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Tips from Bee to you: eat well, live well

Hello! It’s been a bit of a crazy, hectic time for me… so it’s been forever since I’ve written anything for my blog! I’ve been thinking a lot about lifestyle lately, so I thought I’d dedicate a post to that, and interview one of my dear friends Birta Bjargardottir – known as Bee! Bee runs a health coaching business called Ubebu and I thought she’d would be the perfect person to discuss all things ‘lifestyle’ with because she helped me a lot with mine a couple of years ago when I was recovering from burnout. It’s impossible to say who Bee is in a nutshell, but let me try my best to give you an intro…

Bee and I met in Indonesia when we were both doing yoga teacher training. It was my first, but Bee’s umpteenth (she’s been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years!). Bee stood out because she has this totally infectious laugh that is really hard to describe.. kind of like she’s asphyxiating on something (sorry Bee!). Straight away, I could tell that Bee was intelligent and caring because she was very interested in what I’d gone through with my burnout and empathetic towards me. As well as being a yoga teacher, Bee has also collected a number of degrees and diplomas along the way..

Me: Bee, I can’t keep up! You’ve done a huge range of things – remind me again everything you’ve done over the years!

Bee: That’s absolutely true! I have done so many different things, most of which don’t really seem to be connected. I have a degree in Zoology and a master’s in Science Communication, I’ve been a qualified yoga instructor since 2003, I have a diploma in vegan nutrition and another one in plant-based cooking. Furthermore, I have a diploma in documentary filmmaking and I have been a qualified life coach for several years. 

It’s such a diverse (or some may say random!) educational background – what helped you narrow down what you wanted to do career-wise?

Even though my studies and work experiences don’t seem to be obviously connected, I have always had a passion for working with people and helping them to feel better. Moreover, I was totally going to “save the world” when I was younger, with the vision being that I’d study Zoology and then with my master’s in Science Communication, I would become the female David Attenborough – one of my main idols – and, hey presto, save ALL the animals while also protecting the environment. What could possibly go wrong?  

Haha. So how *did* you start saving the world?