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Health is wealth

At ubebu, we want to help you be the best, most beautiful, balanced and bold you, to help you reach better health and wellness, and to live your best life in a sustainable way. We believe that health is wealth and base our work around this philosophy.

There are many definitions of wealth and it can be difficult to put a price on things, some being said to be priceless. We believe that good health certainly equals wealth, and truly is priceless. Our logo is based on this as it centres around the Star of Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity, and her name is derived from the Sanskrit words for knowing the goal and understanding the objective.

Lakshmi, wealth, prosperity, health, Hindu, Hinduism
Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity

As you can see in the image, Lakshmi has four arms. Her four arms symbolise the four goals of humanity that Hinduism considers good, i.e. dharma (the pursuit of an ethical and moral life), artha (the pursuit of wealth and the means of life), kama (the pursuit of love and emotional fulfillment) and moksha (the pursuit of self-knowledge and liberation).

The Star of Lakshmi is made from two congruent squares and in Hinduism it represents the eight manifestations of Lakshmi and her eight kinds of wealth. These eight kinds of wealth include prosperity, good health, knowledge, strength, progeny and power.

You can see, even going back thousands of years, good health is considered no less a means of wealth than for instance prosperity and knowledge. Working on your health and wellness in a holistic way has to be one of the best gifts you can give yourself and those around you.

So what's stopping you? Maybe you need someone to help you kick-start your holistic health and wellness journey? Check out our services or get in touch and see if we might be able to work together.


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