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Hi I'm Bee

Let me introduce myself. First of all, welcome! I'm so grateful to have you here. I think it's safe to say that we already have something in common. Like me, you probably want to lead a long and meaningful life, and to feel good in your own body and mind along the way. And maybe you're here as a new person who's trying out plant-based eating for the first time and you don't want to be running for the hills, scared that you'll have nothing to eat but a piece of celery (no disrespect to celery though!). Maybe you've been trying some vegan things but nothing has been sticking. Or maybe you're trying to gain more information about what your body needs and you want to have a really holistic overview, live clean and feel more balanced.

Or maybe you've already been doing a lot of this work but you want to grow more and take it more seriously.

Welcome. You're in the right place. I know how you feel and I can help you on this journey.

Bee is a holistic health and wellness coach
Hey I'm Bee, your friendly virtual neighbourhood holistic health and wellness coach

What you can expect from me is that I will talk a lot about topics on good vegan food - because that is my jam - and I'm so happy to be sharing lots of great recipes with my readers.

The second thing you can expect from me is that I am a huge believer in aligning your mental wellness with your health. That is the first thing that is going to make you eat a bunch of crap, right? Mental health and mental wellness are going to be a large part of my topics, so if there's anything you want to learn, please get in touch! Lastly, I'm here to help you get in alignment with your soul, your spirit, your inner self, or whatever you want to call it. When we can take some downtime to be good to ourselves and get rid of that critical mind, to be present, to be grounded, then we will be much clearer on making more conscious choices for ourselves and our lives.

If you don't know who I am then here's the short version. I'm originally from Iceland but have lived all over the world. I'm a childhood cancer survivor and my health improved dramatically when I stopped consuming animal products over two decades ago. I guess you could say I've been developing my own holistic plan since I was little - I was born in the basement of a yoga school after all (yes, really!).

Since then I've mixed my science background (first degree was zoology - I of course wanted and still want to save all the animals - and then I got a masters in science communication - the wannabe female version of David Attenborough) with my yoga teacher training (I've been a qualified yoga teacher since 2003 and have added to both my training and teaching since then) and my personal vegan lifestyle, along with a diploma in vegan nutrition, training as a vegan chef, and certifying as a life coach.

You might be sick and tired of following today's trends, whether to do with what you eat, how you exercise, what you think etc. etc. Maybe you've been yo-yo dieting since before the dinosaurs went extinct.

Just to be aware, there's no judgment here, this is a shame free zone and we're all in this together, I'm here for you. The way that I work, knowing what I know, there's always an "it depends" kind of thing in my coaching.

I'll never tell you that you have to do this or that - everything will be a suggestion.

Also, I want you to think more about how you feel after each time you've eaten something or how you feel after you've done an activity. That is what we're going to be going on a journey on. We all have our own internal healthy and balanced voice that we just need the space to be able to listen to. And that's my job - to help guide you to remember that voice, to remember to listen to what your body and your mind and your spirit are already telling you every day. If this is something you've been looking to do and want to immerse yourself in it, I offer some free chats over a virtual coffee or tea date and I'll find out more about your health goals. And whether we end up working together or not, you're going to find out what it is you might need to do next, based on what you're experiencing. Don't be shy, get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you! xo Bee


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