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Starting the day with a bang

There are many great ways to start the day with a bang. Doing some exercise, eating an amazing breakfast or meditating are a few ideas to get you going.

Another fantastic idea is to set intentions for the day. Unlike goal setting, which certainly is a powerful tool and can help us understand what we want, create a plan and stay on track to get what we want in the future, intentions are lived each day, independent of achieving the goal or the destination. In that way, setting intentions allows us to focus on who we are in the moment and raise our emotional and, in turn, physical energy.

Setting intentions can have many benefits, such as making us more focused and effective, and helping us get out of our head (now, wouldn't that be a nice break?!). Intentions are expansive and can be absolutely anything you want them to be.

Setting intentions
Grab your favourite notebook and write down some intentions for the day

There aren't really any rules around setting intentions, but some examples include: - I intend to have no more than 3 cups of coffee today. - I intend to call my dad before dinner. - I intend to answer that email I haven't got round to yet. - I intend to stop taking things personally. - I intend to be kind when under pressure. - I intend to have no screen time after 6 pm.

Writing down your intentions can have an even stronger effect than just thinking about them, so why not use your favourite notebook, or find a pen and paper, and write down some intentions now?

It's good to find a quiet spot before writing your intentions down.

First, sit for a while with your eyes closed and focus on your breath. Relax your shoulders and straighten your back. Inhale and exhale slowly and mindfully. Do four rounds of this.

Then open your eyes, and write down at least three intentions for today. Whatever comes to mind, big or small, write it down and see how you feel about it.

Before going to sleep tonight, go through your day and see how setting intentions might have impacted your day.



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